Hello everybody!

I am James , from Viet Nam. I am a teacher of English in English & Computer Department of KG Medical College.

This year I am teaching medical English for our students. They are nurses, pharmacists, traditional doctors. They are trained for 2-3 years.

Now I am wondering what I should teach; how I prepare a courses; and something like that.

Please tell me something.

Thank you so much.

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As an medical psychology master in China,I am interesting in medical English:)

There are some nice net about medical English,and some e-book about it;

eg.Medical English Online....
Hi James

My name is Alex and I´m starting a similar project here in Brazil. Maybe we could exchange some information about the subject. Last year I had the oportunity to run a workshop aimed to help health professionals to deal with vocab and lectures they have to attend in their carrers. There is a book, "English for Medicine" edited by Cambridge university press that is excelent. Maybe you could check it to help you.

best regards

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Hi James,

May I suggest you have a look at Talking Medicine where you will find material you can use to teach medical English. The material is copyright but you can get permission to use it free by using the contact form on the site.

Good luck


Try the books by Melodie Hull in Canada. She writes workbooks for nurses and doctors. Just 'google' her name or try Clayton International Consulting .
Hello James,
My name is Huyen. I am a doctor in Viet Nam. I am now learning the USMLE, so I need a teacher to improve my medical English. I wonder where you are now. If you live in Viet Nam, can you help me. Or do you nkow some foreigner in Viet Nam who are willing to teach medical English. Thanks for your advice. contact me by e-mail: <removed by mod>. Nice to know you.

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Have you looked at UBELT? I am a European (Polish) Pharmacist and have made the test, it has advises for different medical professions including pharmacy and doctors. I hear the test and teaching might soon go to China so maybe Viet Nam to. Best wishes, Przemyslaw.

Hi my name is Alex, i,m from mexico I,m a doctor and teacher of medical english in mexico, spanish is my native language, I want to help to alex, james everyone who wants to star teaching medical english i have all my clases in power point, and even i got my own humble textbook of medical english that can be useful for you, so if you want to exchange some material or share any experiance as a teacher just let me know, my e-mail <removed by mod> see you later. Dr Madrid
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