Hi guys, would anyone like to help me on writing an apology letter? My first language is not english my english sux.

I need to write a letter to apologise for my son for playing online flash games using the school computer after school. How should i write?

Mr. Teo,

I've been informed by my son, Goh Bin from class 2F, that his account has been disabled by the school technician as he has been playing games in school. I understand that the school computers are meant for educational purposes and I am sorry for my son's actions.

Yours Faithfully,

Goh Ba

lolz, is that ok? should i add that i have given my son the $10 to activate his account? how should i do that? if u do spot any grammar, spelling mistakes, pls tell me, Emotion: stick out tongue im sure there is, just that i cant find. is the letter too short? or dun seem sincere? I cant think of any more to write. pls help me and post ur suggestions pls, thx alot
sounds good. perhaps your son needs to be sorry for his actions though?
erm, ya, but should i add it in that letter? or should i tell him to apologise himself? adn thx for ur reply ^^
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and is the letter abit too short?
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hey help me in writing apolog letter to my principal regarding the repeat ion of question in the question paper.
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Anonymoushey help me in writing apolog letter to my principal regarding the repeat ion of question in the question paper.
Hey, we don't write letters for you, but if you write it, we will check your grammar. Start by writing as if you were speaking to the person.
Dear doctor,
Im writing this letter to let you know I'm sorry for cancellation my tooth implant, during my appointment with you I wasn't 100% sure about my knee replacement. Also doctor, I can't afford two operation few months apart. My knee operation recovery takes 12-13 weeks I look forward to see you again after i get better.

Thank you
Yours sincerly
Rosemarie Sandvik.

Email Removed (this is my email address thanks. )
Dear Dr [surname],

I would like to apologize for cancelling my tooth implant. When I made my appointment with you, I was unsure about the timing for my knee replacement, and I am afraid that I cannot afford two operations within such a short period. My knee operation recovery will take 12-13 weeks, and I look forward to seeing you again after I recuperate from that.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Rosemarie Sandvik
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