I am trying to write a general letter to someone. I am trying to locate my fiance's father. I have several different addresses, because I am not sure which one is the right person. How do i go about wording a letter, asking the person if they are the father of my fiance. Basically I either have the right person, or the wrong person. I wanna say something like "if your not so and so, then disregard this letter....or if you are so and so, then please read on"....or something like that. Im terrible at writing, as you can see. I just wanna ask them if they used to live in Arizona and was married to a woman named ***, and had 2 children named ***, and ***. The reason I am looking for my fiance's father, is because he has not seen him in probably over 10 years, and currently my fiance is in prison. He is gradually chaging his life around, and talking with his father will maybe close a chapter in his life, or open a new one. I just wanna ask that if this is the right person, if they could please contact me, whether they want to talk to their son or not. At least then we will know whether to try and contact them again or to just leave them alone..
I know it sounds confusing, but Im sorry......
Basically I need a letter to a general someone, long lost father....
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You were actually doing quite well. Just write the letter in a "cold and impersonal" manner and then see what happens. Make sure you don't release any personal information.

Once you have started the letter, if you still need help, come back and someone will help you.

Okay, I wrote a quick copy of what I wanna say. I Have no clue on what I was supposed to say or not. If someone can please read over it and feel free to tell me how bad it is, or if it is okay or whatever....What should I say or not say? Should I add anything or take something out? Should I re word anything?
I appreciate your guys help......(of course, I didnt put the real names in this letter)

Dear Mr. Schmo,
I am asking for just a minute of your time, to please read this short letter. You may or may not be the right person that I am looking for. So after reading this, if you are not the right person, then I am very sorry for taking up any of your time. If this is the right person, then Please respond to this letter.
I am actually looking for a Joe Schmo. This person used to reside in Phoenix, Arizona. The person I am looking for used to be married to a woman named Jane, and had two children with her. Kim and John. The last known place that this person was living, was known to be California. There are a lot of Joe Schmo's in California, so I am hoping that it finds the one I am looking for. If you are the Joe Schmo, that I am looking for, can you please contact me. Nothing tragic has happened or anything like that. It is just important that I find him.
If you are the person that I am looking for, then I ask you to please get in contact with me. I am a very close friend of the family's, so don't think I am some kind of weirdo or something!!! If you do not want to have anything to do with this situation, then I ask if you could still please contact me, at least to let me know that. So that I can stop my search, and not bother any more Joe Schmo's in California.....
I thank you for taking the time to at least read this short letter. If you are not the one I am looking for, I apologize for wasting any of your time, but still, I thank you for reading this.
Mr. Joe Schmo, please contact me as soon as you can. Either to let me know that I have found the person I am looking for, and that you will help me with something, or to let me know that I have found the person, and that you want nothing to do with this situation.
I am sorry if I have confused you in any way. I do that sometimes!!!

Thank You
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Dear Mr. Schmo:

The purpoose of this letter is to inquire if you are:

-Joe Schmo who lived at Phoenix Arizona between dates X and Y
-Married to a woman named Jane Doe
-Jane had two kids Kim and John

The reason for asking if you fit this identity has to do with X (give a reason, even if it is an oblique or indirect reason).

If this description does fit you, then please contact me at ***. I am a friend of the family's.

If this description does not fit you, I apologize for taking your time. If you have any helpful information, I would be grateful to hear from you.


Out of curiousity, why not just use Abika (http://www.abika.com /) and track down this individual?

Thank You for your help......
I dont know the exact dates that this person lived in Arizona.

I dont really want to say what the main reason is for me trying to contact this person....at least not just yet. But then I dont want them thinking that something could be wrong or something.

Should I put a phone number for them to contact me, or just my mailing and/or email address.

The reason I dont use some kind of search to find him is because I dont have a credit card, and I dont have that kind of money to be spending on a search. I only know the man's name, and that he resides somewhere in California. I know the age he may be, and that is about it.
This is going beyond English help, but I would NOT use my phone number. And if you don't provide a good reason to contact you, they won't. Who wants to open themselves to a potential "nutcase"? The world is full of weirdos out there. So you have to let them know why contacting you is safe.

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Please, someone who correct this letter:

Dear Sue:

I am attaching a copy of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services letter which was sent to me. (It was two pages and my home address was wrong)

I need a letter with Creative Staffing logo print on the letter where it would certify that I have worked with Creative Staffing Agency since the year 2000. The proper dates must be shown since the beginning to the end of each assignment and the specific position.

The above information is to addressed the point in the letter that says:

“A list of all your employers with addresses, from 06/99 to Present…………………..”

Thank you for your early attention to this
matter, and my correct address is:

1111 SW 77 Lane
Hi am trying to write an urgent letter to my boss. please help me with it

Hi Job,

I'm requesting that my name Tendo be included on the payment schedule sent to the bank as my bank account has three names.Tendo Mike Sam


Hi am trying to write an urgent letter to my boss. please help me with it

Hi Job,

I'm requesting that my name Tendo be included on the payment schedule sent to the bank as my bank account has three names.Tendo Mike Sam


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