Hi guys,

I need help in writing an official leave application.I have tried to write the application and giving here,please check this application for me.And help me if there is something I can do in a better way.It would be so kind of you.



The H.R Manager Mr.Zee,

graphics company,

Mall Road.

Respected Sir,

Subject:Applictaion for an urgent leave.

I would like to inform you that I wont be able to come to the office due to/in account of my mothers illness and I have got to take my mother to the hospital for some very important medical tests and treatment.Please/kindly grant me 2 days leave from 23rd to 24th of Feb.

Kindly approve the same./ I would be very grateful to you for this act of kindness.

Regards/Best regards/your sincerely/your faithfully,

yeh it is upto the mark but not satisfactory

For Medical checkup of my father I have to go Chennai on 4th April 2017 (previously discussed with you). For this reason I shall not be able to come to college form 4th April 2017 to 12th April 2017. I hope you will take the matter seriously and will do the needful.

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With due respect, I would like to inform you that my son ---------- is studying in --- (A Division) of your school. He have UAE residence visa and they must enter in UAE before 6 month. Therefore, he will be absent for two week.

Hence, kindly grant him for leaves of 10 days from -----to ------. i.e. since he needs to travel out of town

I assure you that he would catch up with his studies and notes once he resumes school from 20th November.


HI yohannes how r you today

helpful thanking you

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