recently, i was asked to write some film coments, the context must talk sth about the culture difference between english speaking country and also some differences about some tactics in the movie. in order to be intersting, i chose cinderella as a topic, but i really couldn't find the difference between: ella enchanted, maid in manhattan, and princess diaries. can someone help me please ,i need your opinions urgently !!!
thank u !
Hi Jen,

It's so hard to find differences because the three films are very similar.

Here are some articles you might find helpful:

[url=" "]Cooking up Fairy Tales[/url]

[url=",4120,1274936,00.html "]The Princess who Refused to Die[/url]
thank u. i'll go there to check it
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to matthewq :
really thank u for ur help. i found they r very useful!
thank u from the bottom of my heart.