Hi This is my self-introduction. Could you help me correct my essay and give some suggestions. Thank you very much

Hello everyone
I am kite. I am glad to introduce myself to you. I am a senior of Kin Shin University. My major is journalism.

I was a senior high school student three years ago. As a senior high school student, I had dreamed of becoming a college student. I was as same as other students. For the purpose of entering a good college I stayed up late to study every day. My life was filled with a lot of tests. My teacher always told me no pain no gain. All I had to do is study, because entered a higher school was the only way. After diligent studying, I passed the Joint College Entrance Examination. When I became a college student, I thought I must take morn responsibility for myself. In the past three years, I am not only learning from the books but also learn how to think independently.

During this summer vacation, I did an internship at a radio station. I like listening to the radio and have no experience at this type of job, so I wanted to take this opportunity. In the beginning when I entered the studio, I was very tense and confused. I was unfamiliar with the recording machine and it was really difficult and strange for me. After practicing several times, I can handle it gradually. I really enjoyed the process of recording. This was a good experience for me.

After graduating, I made a decision to get a job first. Now I am preparing for TOEIC. I hope I can get a high score in this examination.
Next year is very important for us, we will graduate from university. I want to share this poem with you.
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles today.
Tomorrow will be dying.
The meaning of this poem is that seize today. You must keep persevering in your efforts to do anything you want. I hope everyone will get your goal and has a wonderful future. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for your attention.

Is this a speech you will be giving to your fellow students?
No, I have to introduce myself to my teacher and classmates.
Please help me to check my article
Thanlk you very much
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If you are introducing yourself I would drop the motivation poem and 'preachy' aspect.
Can I request a copy of English proficiency letter for referrence?
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