I will take cael exam and there 2 task should be prepared in oral test .(each within 1 min)

I need your suggestion in both 2 two questions .

what you want to study at university and why?

you experience learning english and studying english for academic purpose?
I can't say what you would want to study? The answer should come from you. Are you asking how to word your answers in order to last one minute each? In that case, answer the question in a sentence and then we can work with it and help you make it longer.Emotion: wink
Well, actually, you shouldn't ask us something so personal, 'cause the first rule in this kind of things is to be yourself... As a consequence, I suggest you to think about the possible answers and, after that, to post them here, so that we can afford to really help you... Best wishes...
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What does CAEL stand for?Emotion: embarrassed
It is too difficult to anserer so personal question! It should depend on your situation.