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I have a very sticky rpoblem and I need your help.
I am a student in the department of English Literature. My native tongue has always been Arabic. I, everyday in the college, learn new words and vocabs. The problem is, I CANNOT REMEMBER ALL OF THEM. I mean, after I learnt them all by heart. When it comes to either speaking or writing, and I want to recall a spicific word, it just doesn't come across my head. Other times, I get stuck when i want to know the English word for a word in Arabic.
Putting all of these aside, my pronunciation is a huge thing I have to deal with. I can speak American and British accent, but which is which, I cannot serttle on any of them.
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Nobody can remember ALL the words, especially not after just "learning them by heart". You need to use them often before they become automatic. Be patient, and keep speaking and writing English. Everything will work out!

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