Could you help me figure out the following two questions? The first one is why I should choose (A) based on the followng paragraph?

When the body is under stress, extra cortisol begins to affect the stomach. For some people, cortisol shuts down the stomach, producing the funy feeling of butterflies. For others, cortisol speeds up the way the stomach works, which makes these people feel sick.

Q: Which may help a person get over butterflies in the stomach?
(A) Doing the thing that makes him or her nervous.
(B) Shutting down his or her stomach for some time.

The second question is "the story contained 1008 characters and was dvided into 15 chapters."
The given definition of "character" is "Chinese words" rather than people in the story. So Can I say that the story is made up of 1008 Chinese words. Thank you for your help.
1-- Neither answer really makes any sense, given the text.
2-- Chinese characters are not words.
For question A - it stands to reason that if you do something that makes you nervous often enough you will get over the nervousness and will not get butterflies in your stomach.

For the second one, I don't think you would be correct. The Chinese character, I believe, is more than just a collection of words. My understanding is that each character conveys an idea. Leave the sentence as characters, Chinese characters to be more specific.
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