i wrote this introductionabout extinction, but i don't know if it is interesting or not? or how cani make it more interesting? thanks in advance

"The question of eliminating any species of flora and fauna is considered as extinction; extinction is an issue that has garnered attention due to the human interest to environment and animals in the last several years. Individuals who are adherents of nature tend to prevent extinction in different ways; when we hear the word" Extinction" it reminds us about Dinosaurs that is a kind of extinction. There are other kinds of extinction as I illustrate them in following paragraphs."
dodo562the introduction suggeseted by md_msh02 is also very very interseting
Yep, it is. Unfortunately, it is copied and pasted from Wikipedia , so I would highly recommend SunnyShiny NOT using it, for this would be plagiarism.

PLAGIARIZE: to use another person's idea or a part of their work and pretend that it is your own
I hope this introduction works for you:
In biology and ecology , extinction is the end of an organism or group of taxa(groupof one or more species which is taken as unit).A species becomes extinct when the last existing member of that species dies. Extinction therefore becomes a certainty when there are no surviving individuals that are able to reproduce and create a new generation. A species may become functionally extinct when only a handful of individuals survive, which are unable to reproduce due to poor health, age, sparse distribution over a large range, a lack of individuals of both sexes (in sexually reproducing species).
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i think the introduction is very good and i think it will grab the attention of the reader specially when you continue talking about the already extincted species.

the introduction suggeseted by md_msh02 is also very very interseting
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