I know I can say, "I need money."

Can I say, "How can I get needed money"?
Can I use the word "needed" just like the words "necessary" and "needful"?
Is this the correct use of the word?

Thanks in advance.
I've never heard "needed" used in this context of money without the "much" bit in front of it! I suppose it has become an idiom, or cliche!
"needed money" is fine. Often "much-needed" is used for emphasis.

Needful is not in common use nowadays.

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Thank you.

I'd like to know if the word "needed" can be used, not in the combination with money but as an adjective which comes BEFORE a noun on its own.

Then how about "needed oxygen"? Can I say "The circulatory system sends needed oxygen to all parts of the body"? Is this correct grammatically?
It sounds alright to me, I think it might be more about stylistics and conventions than "rules" -

tho there's a tendency to put "the" in front:
"the much needed money"
the needed oxygen"

and the "neccesary" option would still be a strong alternative.

I'd probably rephrase the oxygen example as "essential" or "vital", which is definitely style not grammar!
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Thank you very much!