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AnonymousLorenze/cycles/to work/every day (?)
What is your question?
Do you want pizza? Change into negative interrogative sentence plzz
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eg Don't you want pizza?


In English culture, we say 'please' when we ask someone to help us. Is this not the custom in your native culture?

She drinks chocolate for breakfast
Anonymous She drinks chocolate for breakfast

You need ending punctuation.

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Hey thanks I was in a great problem....

I am not working in a school.

Am n't I working in a school?

Is it correct?

apple bee 678Is it correct?

No. There is a special rule for "I am not".

Though you can contract "I am" to "I'm" > I'm not ....,
"am not" has no contraction after "I". > I am not .... ( I amn't)
It becomes "aren't" before "I". > Aren't I ...? (Amn't I)

Aren't I working in a school?


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pcgasparettoGuys, I always thought the word "not" would always follow the auxiliary verb, even in interrogative sentences, just like that:
- Is not he your friend?
- Do not you like pizza?
- Have not you been to the party?
- Will not you come alone?
- Could not you go by taxi?
Then, I came to know (and this is what I want to know) that the word "not" follows the auxiliary verb only when it's contracted, just like that:
- Isn't he your friend?
- Don't you like pizza?
- Haven't you been to the party?
- Won't you come alone?
- Couldn't you go by taxi?
If it's not contracted, it must come after the subject, so the correct would be just like that:
- Is he not your friend?
- Do you not like pizza?
- Have you not been to the party?
- Will you not come alone?
- Could you not go by taxi?
Please... Is that truuuuueee??? OMG! (lol)
Thanks for your attention.

PC Thanks for your suggestion.you are so great for me

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