This question may not fall into this category, but, nevertheless, I decided to post it . I am writing my diploma paper on the topic "Negative prefixes with English verbs", If anyone has some materials , books, related to this topic, could they please contact me, or reply here?

Thanks in advance,

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I don't have any suggestions about books or articles, but you might start by reading this: Prefixes, how and where to use negative prefixes like un-,dis,non-,etc?

Hi Soraya and welcome to EF!

I don't know if it's any good (I'll let CJ comment on that ;-), but this book has a paragraph on that; moreover, it has some citations you might want to check. Have a look at page 391.

I found it through Google Scholar , which could be useful to you since you're about to write an academic paper.

Wish you luck!
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Thanks for your help...
Dear Tanit,

do you possibly know how I can get the book "Morphology in English: Word Formatuion in Cognitive Grammar" without having to buy it? It is really good.
I can only see two options: either you buy it (Amazon, for one, sells it) or you borrow it from a library.

As others, elsewhere, told you, the book is under copyright, so you shouldn't be asking, on these forums, for something that is not legal.
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Thanks, I know, but I have a deadline to meet, and by the time it gets to my country it will be too late. Do not take it peronally, but all books are under copyright, and yez, you can find them everywhere , e.g. gigapedia. I found one website, but I, as a member, am not authorised to dowlnoald it. So I thought that sb has it, and if I cannot ask on forums, where can I ask, if you see my point.Emotion: smile

Anyway, I joint these forum to lear more and to hep, but this prevented me from doing that. Tanit, chill out
and thank you for your warning.
Anonymous Tanit, chill out
Sorry, anonymous user, but Tanit was completely right in what she said. If you don't like the way things work, or the FREE and VOLUNTARY help you get here, then I hope you will find another forum more to your liking and will refrain from chastising our respected members for saying what sadly too often needs to be said.
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