How do you pronounce the word 'neither' or 'either'? In USA, I think, people pronounce 'ni:ther' and in the UK 'na:ither'.Is it just a matter of personal preference or one of them dominates?
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Hi, Mav!
I had the same question some time ago, and checked: both are OK in my dictionary (Jones)
Hi, Anne

Yes, I checked too and saw that the both are correct. But my question was whether there is any preference or if anyone has any suggestion...
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I'd say "nîther" = Am E
"naïther" Brit E...
I always use 'ni:ther' as you do but recetly started hearing people saying the second form so I am wondering which one is used more friquently; thanks Anne.
Try google ... ?
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They are spelled the same; how am I supposed to look for the more frequent? I can't also spell the phonetics Emotion: stick out tongue
Yes, you're quite right... Silly of me!
Why no say as you please?
Why no say as you please?

You meant why shouldn't I pronounce as I wrote previously? Hmm...That's what I do but I just want to know which one is more popular...

Did I misundestand you?
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