what are the uses of neither and either?
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"Either" can be used in several situations to mean "one or the other, but not both" of two things.
A few examples:
"I must choose either the green or the red curtains." (i.e. The person can choose the green curtains OR the red curtains , but not both.)
"You can take either road." (i.e. There are two roads and the person can take one or the other.)

"Either" can also be used with "or": either [something] or [something else].
e.g: "Either you are lying or I have been misinformed."

"Neither" is pretty much the same as "either," except that it is negative. So it means, "not one and not the other" of two things.
"I could see neither of the dogs." (i.e. There were two dogs and he couldn't see one or the other.)

The one difference is that "neither" is never used with "or," but instead with "nor."
e.g.: "Neither the cat nor the dog would walk towards me."

Does that help?
To add to what has already been posted. Either can also be used to when indicating that someone/something doesn't meet a condition along with someone/something else. For example.

John: I don't have a dog.
You: I don't have a dog either. lit. (I also don't have a dog.)

Another example.

Jim isn't going to the party this weekend.
Gary isn't going either.
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Wow ! ur such a great explainer (to Toronto ) I also thank to u . I didn't know ' either , neither ' words nicely before . Even I saved ur post in my pc .

Thanks again
A friend said: I can´t wait

I replied: me either (meaning that I shared his view)
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thank you its very helpful for me
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