Don't look back. If you did that, you would fall down in your labyrinth. You will never find your self. You will lose everything. Jusk look front and follow your dream. But never look back. You know that what will happen to you id you did that. There is torpedo want to take you to the deepest point inside him and let you there unite die. You should say no. You should be strong and brave to win.
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admire your wonderful English. I'm Chinese
off duty now
see you tomorrow~~~
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silentwar!!!! Where have you been. You have some of us worried ya know.... You are so right about not looking back. Or even going back. It's truly hard and you think it will make you feel better but moving forward is really the only way.
Hi. lilbit

Thank your for concerned I was very busy, but I now I think I have time to write to wonderful forum. Thanks for all team and my friends.
wonderfull ... ! ... and so true

wish u the best girl
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Hi silentwar,

I was already wondering if you're going to come back or not. Nice to see you here again.
welcome back friend.
Emotion: smile
Hi everybody,

I like to add one more point : You have to learn from your previous mistakes and you shouldn't repeat them by saying ' Failure is the steppingstone for success' at all times.

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