I have a little issue... Can anyone tell me what is a difference between I have never met her, and I never met her. For me both mean the same thing, but there are 2 tenses, and it's totally messing me up. Thanks....
1. I have never met her = not ever, not at any time. The present perfect is normally used with unspecific time expressions such as: never, ever, already, yet, before, etc.

2. I never met her is grammatically incorrect, unless we specify or imply a time in the past, e.g.: We were going to meet at the park on Saturday. I waited and waited, but she never turned up -- I never met her (= I didn't meet her that afternoon).
I agree with Conchita. However, I would just like to add an idea.

The present perfect in the sentence 'I have never met her.' means that the subject does not have the experience of meeting her. It did not happen before, so it is not part of his experience now. Present perfect refers to the consequence now of an action before. It helps to remember that the things that we did before now have a consequence in the present.

And 'I never met her.' requires a more specific context like the one in Conchita's example, for the simple past tense refers to a moment in the past, even if we do not mention it in our sentence (e.g. I had lunch.)
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Thank you guys for make it simplier Emotion: wink

but it is not only such example.... i heard things like " i never saw the show" "i never was there"

so what about these? i thought the expression "never" is used only in perfect's tenses... because it's never happened so we have no idea how the things, events are like... can u explain it too?

Thank you Emotion: smile
Hello again,
Well, never is possible in different tenses. In present perferct -I've never seen anything like it. In past tense -I never talked to her. I present simple -I never smoke. future simple -I will never disappoint you.

ohh yeah... thaks a lot Emotion: smile that was my mistake Emotion: wink I know we can use "never" in many tenses, it is obvious, and I don't know why I wrote I thought we couldn't... cuz that was not what i meant... but i think i just understood.... if I would have any more questions, I'll talk to you Emotion: wink
thanks a lot Emotion: wink
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No problem.

Well, i know in American English we usually discard the present perfect tense.So,is it right to use "I never saw her before" to convey the same meaning of "I've never seen her before" , if for example,we are in the US?
Hmmm. I certainly have HEARD things like this, but if you say "Pardon me? What did you say" I suspect that many people would "correct" themselvs and say "I said that I've never seen her before."
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