I am wondering which of the following two sectences is better:
[1] Dolphins lack vocal cords, nevertheless creating sounds.
[2] Dolphins lack vocal cords, but they do create sounds.

Thank in advance.
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Hi everyone:)!

Withal? Is it a formal or an informal linking word? Is it much used?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Pucca,

It's not that common, but it's not rare either. If you google it, you'll see some uses.
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Hello Barb:),

Thanks for your reply!

I googled the word, and it says that it can be an additional linker aswell, isn't that confusing? I mean, if you read the word, there are two ways to understand that word, aren't there? Maybe in a context will be easier..
Here's one way: He had a large but nevertheless nimble body.

Here's another way. I know you don't want to clean your room. Nevertheless, you must.
Does withal have the same possition as "nevertheless" has?
- I know you don't want to clean your room. Withal, you must.
- I have to get up early withal I don't want to.

Would those sentences be correct?
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I have never heard withal used in my life, nor have I used it. Perhaps it's still used in the UK?
Hmm..then, who can help us? Emotion: thinking