I hope somebody here, everybody seems to have gone on holiday, can help me find an appropriate word to describe this person. What would you call a person who is invasive in somebody else's private life and is hidden behind a screen.
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Don't you feel like a brainteaser. You haven't answered my question yet and I know you are good at difficult words. Let's see your creativity, shall we?
'Hidden behind a screen?' Can you give me a 'real' context for the question?
of course, a computer screen.
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The answer your looking for depends on who you're talking about! LOLEmotion: smile
what do you exactly mean? seriously, can you be a little more explicit, please?
Here are a few possibilities:

annoy, attack, bait, bedevil, beleaguer, bother, bug, burn, despoil, devil, distress, disturb, eat, exasperate, exhaust, fatigue, foray, get to, gnaw, harry, hassle, heckle, hound, intimidate, irk, irritate, jerk around, macerate, maraud, noodge, pain, perplex, persecute, pester, plague, raid, ride, strain, stress, tease, tire, torment, trouble, try, vex, weary, work on, worry, agonize, annoy, beset, bother, burden, crucify, distress, grieve, harass, harrow, harry, irk, lacerate, martyr, oppress, pain, pester, plague, press, rack, smite, strike, torment, torture, trouble, try, vex, worry, wound.
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