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Are you not a native English speaker?

From my results, both 3 and 4 can be "I've..." and still be correct.

#3-- I've heard-- can be said because no where in the sentence does it indicate that the person is no longer hearing "rumors" about the girl that was met. Whether or not one is listening to the rumors is irrelevant.

# 4-- I've started-- not really a big deal but when questioning this I spell it out. "I started" or "I have started," can be said and sound correct.

I'm not sure there is a "wrong" answer in this case for either. However, most Americans, who study English grammar, would say " I've...heard/started" or "I have...heard/started."

To me, the correct answer for number 3 sounds off. Number 4 sounds fine either way. Basically, I think with either answer the sentence still means basically the same thing. I guess it's just preference at this point.
Hi guys,

I asked about that third question two english teachers who I know and they replied, at first:"Past perfect, of course". But then: "Wait a minute, is that guy still hearing about that girl or have they ended their relationship after they met each other?" Yes, I should have added there something like this...I finally met a girl who I had heard so much about, but then, out of the blue, she moved out of town and I haven't heard about her anymore.....#3 is a question which I had in english test at one language school which I was attending few months ago. Past perfect was there marked as the only possible option, because of the reason, which I was talking about in my reaction to Philip's post. But as you said, it's missing there whether he's still hearing about her or not....I'm sorry for that, I should have modified that question....Mea culpa. As to #4, I had this question in english test as well and only past simple was there stated as grammatically correct answer and I absolutely agree with that....
"Are you not a native English speaker?...." ...No, I'm not. But I'll do something with that. Thanks for your note... Emotion: winkEmotion: wink I think it was interesting test and I hope that you don't mind I posted it even if I'm not a native speaker...Emotion: smile

Best Regards
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Oh, I don't mind at all that you're not a native English speaker. I was just wondering. The test was interesting. In my mind, I was hearing how people in America would say things-- probably not the brightest way to come up with an answer to a grammar question --but, oh well. Emotion: smile
Hi Michelle,

oh, okay...Emotion: smile. I thought that you're angy on me 'cause I'm not a native speaker and I posted that kind of test here..Emotion: smile, but I was wrong, I apologize...Emotion: smile.And I'm very sorry again for thatambiguous test questionin #3...Emotion: sad
Best Regards
damn, i got: 0"
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got 5/5, not fast as my nephew:|
I think we choose past pecfect , because it emphasize that before I met the girl, I had heard about her already
I got 4 out of 5....................
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I got 4 out of 5....................
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