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very much happy that i got 5 out of 5

I totally disagree! Just because someone says that they finally met the girl that they had heard so much about, doesn't seem to me to HAVE TO indicate that they no longer hear about her. Especially since even the day before he met her, he could have heard about her and YET, that still would have been in the past, and therefore would be spoken of in the past tense. I could be mistaken, but I just don't infer that by using the past tense of "I have heard" has to ALSO MEAN that the person no longer hears about her. As a matter of fact, the person could have heard about her two hours before meeting her.
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It's ten years since I 've started started my job.

Can you explain this?

HI Thankyou for the questions. When we get the correction , you may explain the reason for the correction


thank so much for this lesson. I’m a naive speaker. Anyone out there who reads Chaucer in his native tongue, ME?

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anonymousI’m a naive speaker.

Surely not.


Thanks so much, JCD