Good day, it is threepod, and i want know the name of animals who have many hairs and that have big eyes? They not live in France, i am very far of France, but i love the animal and i call her Aurelia and i like know that what she is?

Thank you!
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Sorry, but I don't know what do you want to say with that? Do you want know what sort of animal that animal is, or something like that?

Sorry if I didn't understand your question or post!
I know not the name, mister spinaker, but i demanded the name of the ile and they have sayed it is magdascar! You know the kind of that animals? they are very very very cute! specialmently Aurelia!!!!
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Good Day ThreepodEmotion: smile

Your description of the animal is too general.However since you say its from Madagascar check this site out:

Maybe you will find your answer there.


THANK you Savysavy!!! Aurelia she is just the number two on the column at the right!

Thank you!!!

How do you think that she is beautifule?

where are u?
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Bonjour threepod

I think all the animals in that site look cute!Glad you found the Lemur.

Surely you mean the aye-aye, 6P?

Good Day Mr.P

yes that's the one, it has different names.
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