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i love me ..

did the cat eat ur tongue ?
You look great in the picture.

What colour are your glasses?
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It's a very subjective issue, depending to a high degree on who is driving Bubr's inverse quark cannon at the time.
What do you think the final tally will be if a recount is demanded?
The birds are singing a new song.

Do your friends know about us?
the worst thing in the world is when u get involved with someone who doesnt understand u ..

what On Eath was the sin i did to deserve my little sister existing in my life ?
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He's moving into a new house this weekend.

When do you want to play "cheese"?
i wanna play a dare game ..

when r u comin online ..
He is not happy about leaving.

Are we going anywhere?
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im gonna die any minute ..

why does it have to be like that ? why when it comes to me ?
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