hi guy i have silly game but i like you to play it with me i hope you enjoy it

A person asks a question, and the next one has to give a totally wrong and even random answer to it. Like :

what do you like to eat?

i like to play football

naw i will start

what do you do in the last holiday
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I had a heart transplant.

What is the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
i am in the UAE?

How many languges do you speak?
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Who told you that?

December is my favourite month of the year.
the fish shall one day rise again!
Do you know the time?
i like to eat fishEmotion: smile

Do you drive a car?
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I am free on Thursday afternoon.

What's your favourite season?
i will travel to USA

Do you like hunting?
Men value power, efficiency and achivement more than love.

Do you have a laptop?
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