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As of now, it is [8] "When you say nothing at all"[8] by Ronan Keating.


When was the last time you cried in public?

Which was the most memorable day in your life?
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Speaking to my baby brother for the first time. I was so happy I cried. (Hence, by the way, comes "Tearsofjoy")

If your best friend called up at 2 am - and you were asleep - just "to talk", what would you tell them?
hi,how r u doin'? Emotion: big smile

Have you ever climbed a mountain?

Emotion: star
No, but my father did.

What do you fear most of all?
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Spiders. I hate them.

What other name would you like to be called if you couldn't use the one you have now?
Joy - but just for a nickname. I love my real name too much! Emotion: big smile

Do you like makeup?
So so..When I am in mood,it really makes me feel good...

If you had the chance to add one more button to your computer's keyboard what would it be and its function?

Emotion: star
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I would add the "terminate"button. Its function would be detect malfuntioning or unstable programs and terminate it to avoid my computer from getting a hang.

If you had the chance to reincarnate and given the chance to select your gender, which gender would you choose and why.
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