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I would be female as I am as I think I'm a very particular woman Emotion: smile !!!

What's your favourite musical instrument?
The piano.

If you get the option of settling in an other country other than your country,which one would it be?
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Would you like to try bungee-jumping if they provided you a life insurance? Emotion: big smile

Emotion: star
Yes, of course! Emotion: big smile

Can you stay awake all night and still be functional the next day?

Emotion: star
No doubt..

Have you ever wished that you could speak Chinese(or Japanese) fluently? Emotion: big smile

Emotion: star
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Yes, I have. Moreover, I speak! Kon-nichi-wa Dj Bueno san! (It's Japanese.)

How many languages can you speak freely enough?

If you could bring one person back from the dead, who would it be?

Emotion: star
Kon-nichi-wa Dj Bueno san!

By the way what's the meaning of that?

Emotion: star

Is it something like "I wish you a sunny day" ? Emotion: big smile
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No... It's just, "Good day (hello), Dj Bueno!" But let's not impede this thread.
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