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Spring, I love it when things start growing again - but what I really love about spring is that it brings warmer weather Emotion: wink

What book do you consider the most beautiful one you have ever read?
I like "The Lord Of The Rings" very much. J.R.R. Tolkien is my favourite foreign author.

Have you ever had a parachute jump?
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I would love to do that once, but alas, I have never had the opportunity yet.

What is your worst habit?
Not going to bed before midnight. I'm a night owl so that's when I am full of energy and inspiration. Of course every morning I think, ok, tonight I'll go to bed early. It never happens though.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

(sounds like a Miss Universe question)
my lack of courage!

If u could choose to be someone from the history of our humanity, a very famous person, who would u be and why?
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Neil Armstrong.Cos I am very interested in the secrets of the universe and I'd love to be the first person who had the opportunity to visit the stars',planets' and nebulas' land.

Which one would you choose? A pack of dollars or a bouquet of roses?[F] Emotion: wink
I would choose a pack of dollars for buying many bouquets of roses! For me and my dear friends and relatives. :-)

What is your favourite colour?
all colours! what r u doing right in this moment??? Emotion: smile
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Except my writing the message right now I am thinking why the emoticons and BBCode do not work properly when I am using Opera browser... Emotion: thinking

What browser do you use? :-)
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