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yes, it's: She by elvis Costello, as it says to me how I'd like to be loved by my man.

What's your favourite ice cream made of?
BANANA of course! Mmm.. Emotion: smile

What do you usually prefer to drink?
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Green tea. :-)

Do you think you are happy now?
Right now? Yes, I am.

If you were asked to tell one thing you hate about the opposite sex, what would it be? (Thanks for the reminder Sav)
What I hate about boys... the way they simply have to show off!

So what's the best thing about the opposite sex? [Something other than the obvious, please.]
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I couldn't live without them, the most important thing to is is the fact that they're completely different from women's world and we'll never stop learning about them! Human beings are always a surprise!


if u had a baby, which name would u give him/her?
I think it would be Clarence.

When you remember a dream, do you try to explain yourself the things that occured in it?

Sometimes, it depends on the dream.

Which is your favorite leisure activity?
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Listening to relaxing music....

What is your favourite country or region that you have visited ?
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