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the uk i just love it!!

have u ever been through a painful love experiance??

If you were something edible, what would you be?

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

When have you seen your best friend last?
Three years and three months ago.

Do you have a song you call "My song"?
no i`m afraid i don`t!!

does ur real name have a nice meaning??
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Oh certainly! It means "light of joy" Emotion: stick out tongue - and I'm not kidding.

Have you ever fallen asleep during your favourite teacher's class?
Yes, literally, I had started too late on an important assignment and thus had worked on it all night. During class, I fell asleep on my desk.

Do you play an instrument?

Nope. Just my voice Emotion: smile

Do others call you loony/nuts/crazy etc? Emotion: stick out tongue
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
No one has called yet. As far as I remember. But I may be wrong. Emotion: big smile

Are you able to kill a hen, pig, ram or another animal? [bah]
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