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No. But I eat meat rarely enough.

Do you think your temper is changeable?

P.S. I like your new avatar, DjB! Emotion: smile
Sometimes I'm short-tempered.

Which is your favorite alcoholic drink?
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I don't drink, I'm afraid.

Do you have stage-fright?

Which one would prefer to listen Crannberries or Green Day? Emotion: star


Green Day,Green Day!!!

Which music do you prefer? Ska-punk or punk rock?
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How many countries have you visited?
Twenty Four.......(and as of next month it will be Twenty Five ).....

What is your favourite fruit ?
None! I don't eat fruit at all!

What's your favourite race of dogs?
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[L] Husky [L]

[8] What is your favourite hit single? [8]

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