I have an easy game to play.

Just answer the question of the last post and then ask your own question. The question can be about anything. It is a good way to get to know each other and have some fun.

I will start:

What is your Favourite Drink?
 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 14

What's the most beautiful city in the world?
İstanbul. (I have never been abroad.)

Why is the sky blue?
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In fact it is not blue.Due to the refraction of the light we see it like that..

What would you do if you were chosen to send to the space as a visitor? Emotion: big smile
I would love it. I would make sure I took my camera. Emotion: smile

Which famous person would like to spend a weekend with?
There is no such a person. At least nobody occures to me at the moment.

Have you got a pet?
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Unfortunately not..(except the invisible bacteria which dwell in our bed and on the floor ) Emotion: big smile

How do find 80's songs?
I love songs from the 80's. I was in my 'glory days' then, well, just finishing school. They bring back memories when I hear them on the radio.

If you had to choose between losing a leg or losing an arm, which would it be and why?
I'd prefer to lose a leg...Cos without my two arms I don't think that I can hug my loved-ones sincerely..

What would you do if someone suddenly exclaimed "Hands Up!" with a pistol in his hand as you were in a bank queue?
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