Hello every body,
I dont know if what I am going to suggest is new or applicable!
but I have a great problem.
All the webpage I have visited just give some information on how to write, but then I cant check what are my mistakes,
I wish there was a possibility which allows my draft to be revised with some expert.
I mean there was a kind of classroom where a subject is suggested for writing and then people could write their writings
and submit it and then the writing could be revised by some expert.
I should tell you I cant afford those kind of services which need money.
thank you every body.
Hi and welcome to the forums!
You can write a short paragraph and post it in the general grammar forum or an essay and post it here, in the writing forum . There are a lot of native speakers here (some of whom are also teachers) who will have a look at it, make corrections and give suggestions. Some learners might want to offer their opinions, as well.
You will probably be asking, "How much do I have to pay for that?" Emotion: money Nothing!!! Emotion: smile
No classrooms or given topics, though. Choose a topic and post your writing.
Thank you very much Tanit,
But do you think it is possible to post any writing about any subject here?
On the other I dont think people spend their time revising what I have been writing!!!!!!!
thank you any way.