I'd like to ask for some advice. I have to write a work on English idioms at my university course and my task is to find out new idioms which are not fixed in dictionaries, it should be a certain field, I decided to pick up bussiness idioms as to my mind it's the most changing fild, may be it's not like that, though. But the problem is that I haven't found any new, to read the papers it's too long, I have tried but found none. Could you advice something?
You might start by Googling "managerese".

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Those aren't idioms, they're slang. An idiom is a phrase that is used that doesn't hold the same meaning when literally translated.

A common example would be "He's pulling your leg". In spanish the idiom is close, but they would say "He's pulling your hair". Neither would make sense if translated directly, however oftentimes idioms don't have close matches like this.

So back to the main questions, are you looking for idioms or slang?

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Those aren't idioms
What is the referent of 'those'?
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im looking an idioms and their meanings.. and use it on a dialogue using idioms.