Here's a short joke I heard at school this past week:

"What did the fish say when he swam into a concrete wall?"


I thought this was quite amusing, but it's much funnier when delivered aloud.
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I'm glad you liked it...
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But I don't get it. What's funny when people answer "Damn" ?

I am a newbie. Thank you for your reply :-)
Another gramma question: Why was this joke stated in a past tense?

Can we say:

"What does the fish say when he (it ?) swims into a concrete wall?"

It's not funny only because the fish said "damn", but what he swam into (the concrete wall) is also called a dam, (pronounced the same way). It's sort of a play on words. As for your second question, I don't quite understand what you're asking, perhaps you could ellaborate.
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Alright, after going back and reading and thinking about what you wrote, I understand now.

Yes, I guess you could say it in the present-tense, it wouldn't really matter. It was in past-tense for now particular reason.
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warrener welcome to EF:D
Warrener, welcome to EF! We have a great time here, and we hope you will too! Emotion: big smile

Sarah... nice one!

In my school, we have a teacher whose surname is Dam. Although it's pronounced differently ("thahm" with the "th" as in "the"), you can expect what we call her! Nasty, aren't we? Emotion: stick out tongue

Cheers! (Sarah, I'll mail you when I have a bit more time, okie?)

- Joy

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