hello every body, i'am new member hope to make a friend-ship with every body.
acutley the english is my second language and am so glad to be wiv all of you around here..

wish to learn more about english,(( but i need every body helpEmotion: wink OK!))

waiting for the replys from all of you...

your sincerely

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Nice meet you Pink. I have joined here a few days ago. just like you.
I hope you will be great english friend with me and other people. But
I think you should introduce about you. It might help for our to make
friend. Emotion: smile
ascet, thank you for reply, am so glad to see you sharing me this subject
and hope to be a good friend with you and every one

any way am going to introduce my self now, to let every one know a few thing about me, but if you came back you have to introduce your self as well .. okayEmotion: wink

my name is leanne, 17 years old studing @ college doing media studies!
am lebaness and i have moved to england 2 years ago.
am intererts in computing, knowing know poeple swimming & dancinng
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that's it, if there's any thing missed just askEmotion: wink

and sorry about my bad englishEmotion: embarrassed

cya all
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Hi pink Rose. Do you know we share a lot of interests? Do you really like swimming?
hello maj, nice to see youEmotion: smile
i do really like swimming, mama always says i must be a fish not a human
Emotion: stick out tongue because i like water really much

what about u?
tell me about your self