Heya everyone thxx for your cmts on your last post
*bored right now, so i'm gonna post up a bit more

by the way, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong just yesterday, and I was wondering how many people in other countries celebrate it too? Do you guys actually know about this particular festival, actually?

edit :: =w= too bad this thing only allows me to post one pic per post

in that pic, it's me and another girl called Crystal
i'm crystal WONG and she's crystal TSE
different surnames

i take it that you guys know which one is me, right? so i won't have to elaborate
Hi, Crystal Wong! Thanks for the photo! Emotion: wink

We don't celebrate that festival. What is it like? What do you do during that? Are there any special dishes, spectacles or other entertainments that you have particulary for the date?..
I know which one is you. Thanks for the photo. By the way, post some photo of that festival if you can.
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we also have Mid-autumn festival because i'm Chinese too
by the way,i come form zhejiang province
cute girl...can i have u msn
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Hahaha it's a pretty cool festival

a) we get a day off from school and most adults get off work early
b) usually the whole family (uncles, aunts, cousins) get together
c) we celebrate it at night
d) what we do is basically look at the moon (which is perfectly round and shining that night) and eat mooncakes and just enjoy each other's company
e) smaller children light up chinese paper lanterns and sort of run around
f) the naughtier teenagers (like me) burn wax and candles on the ground, for no reason
it's tradition, i guess


mooncakes are some seriously delicious chinese delicacies - hehe - but they DO make you really full after just one

that's what they look like
both are pretty girls