Surely you've heard of Mahatma Ghandi. He's known for being a mystical, peacefully suberb being. Due to his beliefs he has never worn shoes. And also due to his beliefs, he's a vegetarian, so he's always been frail and suffers from halitosis. So what does that leave you with?

A suberb calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis
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Time wounds all heels

'I have a split personality' said Tom being Frank.

ok ok i'll stop .....
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Psychiatrists and rectal doctors deal with odds and ends

i lied !
pia, pia, pia ..... this word just keeps on poppin up ...
i tend to gravitate toward puns !!! you could say i'm your PUNishment !
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She's a one woman forum.Emotion: smile
well, at least i'm amusing ONE person ! myself !
40 something views of this post, now more people know you’re a little nuttyEmotion: smile

Nothing but love for you here P!
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