Hello admins,

How about having a new section for english learners querying in their own language,
Like people from spain/india learning english may post questions in the language specific section in spanish/hindi which can be then read by the other members who knows the spanish/hindi and replies back.

I feel this would help lot of members (including meEmotion: smile )by asking question in their own language (typed in english only).

Hope we will have a Native Languages sections with Specific Language sub sections soon.
We can experiment by starting 2-3 sub sections based on most people visiting from countries.

Is it good idea?

Need support people
You cannot improve your English that way. Present day methodology is to speak the target language from the word go. Slowly but surely. An idea to think about.
I think this definetly helps people who are still in the begining stage.

I dont think there is any teacher who teaches a language without using the native language.
This is how basics or thought, ofcouse, in the elementry classes, kids can be thought using visuals, but its not possible to teach everything like that.

we have english - english dictionaries, If one hears or listens to some new word, he/she may refer to that dict. but what if the meaning it self needs one more reference.

Idea is to learn, so added features will make people learn easily