Our Institute serves the financial sector in our local market. Being an Arabic country, many people working in this scetor have learnt English in a very mechanical and traditional method. This creates a big challenge with motivation level of learners since they know how to coduct verbal commuications but do not have the ability to progress in their careers beacuse they do not have a mastery over the language. Being adult learners who work long hours sets another challenge of timing constraints. When they come to evening classes, they do not have the willingness to work sooooo hard to learn the language with full spirit. I want to come up wth a structure of learning in which the center follows certain leraning techniques which will be motivating and useful... How do we motiavte them???How do we create the cultural and contextual setting for laerning English in an Arabic country????How do we incorporate their sessions into their workplace activties and monitor their progress???? I know it s a lot to ask, but some of you might have the answer.... Emotion: crying Please Help...
Have on site tuition preferably with a qualified native speaker. Have different classes for different levels. Bring someone in to do a language audit. I have done this in the past.
I think there is no easy way to learn especially to master a language. The learner has to work very hard. However it might help if the learning materials are interesting to them. Thus no matter what you teach-reading,listening comprehension,talking or writing-i think to choose the material to their taste is very important. What is more presenting those materials in an interesting way i think is also very important like using powerpoint. At last communicating with your classmates thus to figure out what and how they wnat to learn it. After all satisfying their demand is teachers task. i hope it might be some help to you.
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Not only the people in your country, but also so many people in the world are learning in a very mechanical and traditional method. Whatever they learn, this's inevitable.
In my opinion, if one wants to master something, at first , he or she must have a badly desire for this, and then, he or she should know what he or she wants, also he or she'd better to find a good teacher who can give you a hand and guide you to the right place.
Where there is a will, there is a way. If you want to learn it well, you will find a way to keep on your enthusiasim. Maybe one day the mechanical and traditional method will just be a piece of cake.Emotion: smile
Incontestable, timing constrains is a big problem. Practise makes perfect. So, lots of time is necessary. I still remember a sayings which I don't know how to traslate into English but the meaning is that " Time is just like the water in the sponge, it will effuse when you crush it.
I don't know whether it is helpful for you, but that's my opinion.
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with all the above said make a good environment for the persons to learn by having some digital displays to the classes and teach them with the tech-edge ablity.
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