I have an idea. We could use this topic for the new vocabulary we learn. Like, I'm reading a text or surfing the web, whatever, and I find a new word or idiom I didn't know then I come over here, post it and give an example of its use and definition. How's that? Soon we would have our own "Dictionary" and everyone would increase one's own vocabulary. It's good for both sides
- Who posts the new word, because the best way to memorize something is using it.
- Who reads, because there will be more words you can get used to.

Plus, for example, I post a new word, its definition and example, then someone else can come over and go like "Wow, great, let me try too" and put an example too.

If the moderators like the idea, they could fasten this topic. What do you guys think? I think it's a considerable idea because we're all here to learn and improve our english.
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It is a good idea, Lulla. Let's do this: if this thread remains active, then it will continue to appear at the top of the Vocabulary and Idioms Forum menu, so it won't get lost. And if it does not wander from the topic of 'new vocabulary', then we will link it to a fastened post when it becomes sufficiently comprehensive. OK?

You're first!
Hello Mister,

It sounds fair enough. I will start then.

Fasten (verb)
I recently learned this new word. I've seen it several times on writings, texts and etc but never knew its meaning.
Definition: To make permanent, to fix one to a place by nailing or pilling.

Eg1.: I fastened our pictures at my personal picture board.
Eg2.: In front of the hardware store there's a fastened banner that reads "We're open until 9pm"
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Can't believe nobody tried this "game"... Emotion: sad
I refuse to leave it... I can't believe you guys.
It's merely a problem of physical logistics, Lulla. Every student of the language here is learning many new words daily, and usually when not logged on to English Forums (a pity, but true). They use their own dictionaries, make quick notes, and move on. Members don't really have time to find this particular thread and read words they are not working with at the moment, or add one of the many they are busily dealing with in their own studies. It would be like learning new words by opening the dictionary at random pages-- but this dictionary only has a few words in it.

As I said, it is a good idea, but it doesn't seem to fly-- "Our Own Dictionary" cannot compete with the real ones.
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And let me add a new word I have just learnt


to increase the size or value of something by adding something to it:

- He would have to find work to augment his income.


  1. To have something in black and white è to have it on paper , in writing

  2. I blew your money è I spent al your money wastefully

  3. To be browned off with something è To be bored , irritated

  4. To have green fingers è To be good at gardening

  5. Out of the blue è suddenly , unexpectedly

  6. To see pink elephants è To be drunk
7. To catch someone red-handed è To catch someone in the act of doing something

  1. To be in the red è To owe money to someone

  2. To tell with a lie è To twist the truth in such a way that someone’s feelings are spared

  3. To show the white feather è To show fear

  4. To feel blue è To be sad and miserable

  5. A green belt è An area of woodlands and fields around a city
what is meant by nailing or pilling lulla?Emotion: thinking
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