bling bling
expensive objects such as jewellery that are worn in a way that is very easy to notice.

someone who is weak, slightly strange, and not popular or

Probs: n no probs
used to say that you will be able to do something easily and with no problems: It'll be ready by six - no probs.

Emotion: stick out tongueants
very bad: The concert was pants.


when people blame other people for something that has gone wrong, instead of trying to solve the problem: There followed months of name-calling and finger-pointing.

Air kiss::
a way of greeting someone with a kiss that is near the side of their face, but that does not touch them -air-kiss v [I,T]

:Bad hair day:
a day when you are unhappy and easily upset, especially because your hair does not look the way you want it to look

Emotion: big smile'oh
used humorously when you have just realized that you have done or said something stupid

a pay-as-you-go MOBILE PHONE or Internet service is one
that you must pay for before you can use it

: hissy fit
a sudden moment of unreasonable anger and annoyance; = tantrum: throw/have a hissy fit Williams threw a hissy fit when she decided her hotel room wasn't big enough.

:fashion victim

someone who always wears what is fashionable, even if it makes them look bad

Emotion: tongue tiedlug-fest
a situation in which people are arguing or fighting in a rude or angry way

:twenty-four seven
if something happens twenty-four seven, it happens all the time, every day

Emotion: stick out tonguere-loveda pre-loved house, pet etc has already been owned by someone else - used especially in advertisements to suggest the previous owner cared strongly about the object, animal etc

:road warrior
informal someone who uses computers, mobile phones, pagers etc in a place other than their home or office
How new is 'new', please?

Air Kiss to everyone d'oh I'm just having a bad-hair day

what the heck I am talking about those some brand new words I caught them through the longman web site: