I'm having serious problems with the new word processor (or content editor). I have checked it on two different browsers, Firefox and Opera. It works much badly on Firefox than on Opera. To add to the agony, there is no edit button either. So, this is humble appeal to correct this malfunctioning. Thank you.
What exact troubles are you having? The Opera bugs are known but the Standard editor should be working fine now in Firefox.
The edit button is something we're working on.
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I believe I'm using the Yahoo editor, not the standard editor. In Firefox I cannot scroll down the page if my post exceeds the already provided space. I mean to say that the only space available to me to write down my post is the space within this box. This is a big problem for me. That's good to hear that you people are working on the edit button.
I recommend changing the editor to the Standard one and you will also be able to scroll fine.
The standard editor does not have the subscript and superscript buttons and I routinely use them in writing the posts.
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Shouldn't it be:
I routinely use them while writing the posts?

So, you see, how much I miss the edit button!