Some people make New Year’s resolutions.
What exactly is a New Year’s resolution?

- a (positive) change that you would like to make in your life starting from January 1st
- frequently made to encourage you to break a bad habit or situation.
- they normally begin: This year I will…

e.g. This year I will stop … smoking / eating so much / fighting with my sister …
This year I will start … doing more exercises / being nice to my in-laws…

Why do people make them?
Why at the beginning of the year?
Why don’t they make them in July or September?
What are some of the most common ones?
Have you ever kept one of your resolutions for the entire year?
Why are they often difficult to fulfil?

What will happen this year in your personal life?
What decisions have you made for the coming year?

English I promise I will ...
My job I am going to (intention) ...
Sport I would like to ...
Love I hope to ...
Travel I am thinking about ...
Money I will not ...
Friends I intend to ...
TV I am going to watch ...
My parents I will definitely ...
Habits I will stop …
Something new I will do is…

Teachers might want to try this with their students. (Woodward)
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Aren't you going to answer your own questions, Woody? We are very interested in the answers.
hey maj i would like to hear yours!

wood: The New Year symbolizes a fresh start and a new beginning.The New Year, no matter when people have celebrated it (for eg. according to telugu culture new year comes in march!) has always been a time for looking back at the past, and more importantly, forward to the future.

some of the common resolutions are...

Start a new tradition.
Break a bad habit.
Go to church/temple
Practice punctuality.
Keep a journal.
Be more polite.
Learn another language.
Read through the Bible.(be more spiritual!)
Make a new friend.
Smile instead of frown.
Get enough sleep every night.
Stop using credit cards.
Don't hog conversations.
Enjoy the small pleasures in each day.
Learn how to make simple household repairs.
Learn about your local native plants and animals.
Don't gossip or snoop into others' affairs.
In your heart forgive those who have wronged you.
Research your family heritage.
Really listen to what others are saying to you.
Stop negative thinking - try to see more of the positive.
Have a family game or craft night once a week.
Give regularly to a charity.
Visit a museum or botanical garden once a month.
Limit fast foods to twice a month.
Once a month try a new type of ethnic food.
Read a new book every month.
Learn how to paint, bake bread, read music, etc.
Clean up your yard and/or fix up your house.
Turn off the television during dinner.
Be more thoughtful and considerate of others.
Start a consistent exercise program.
Make every Monday and Wednesday low-fat days.
Delegate at the office and at home.
Get your paperwork organized.
Plan a family vacation or short day trips.
Do something special every week for your loved one.
Spend more time outdoors.
Stop grumbling and complaining.
Sort out and organize all of your closets.
Count your fortunes every night when you go to bed.
Think a happy thought each morning when you awake.
Put more money into a savings account.
Stop speeding and drive more courteously.
Each day take five minutes to look out the window.
Clear out your computer files and delete old e-mails.
Read a bedtime story to your children every night.
Create a family cookbook or memory book.

of course these are not mine! have to pick up a few!!but i never keep my resolutions!
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Start a new tradition. That sounds quite cool. What do you suggest? Maybe giving a ring to old friends to see how they are doing.
I thought you don't like to chat on phone! That's good to be in touch with old friends!
Actually I don't. Not when I am busy. However, it's always nice to hear from old friends.
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Anybody interested in spending more time outdoorsEmotion: paradise?
Me! My New Year's resolution is to go for a jog at least once a week. You might laugh but I can't stand drastic resolutions such as I'm going to do 200 sit ups every day. It's ok for a week and then you suddenly forget the promise you had made. I believe in small meaningful things that over time become habit.

My other resolution is to continue not to smoke. I quit 13 days ago and I'm quite pleased with the way it's gone so far.
Wow! Good luck for your resolution chris and for the coming year too!!
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