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hi there..i am from n.z..the best time (as weather patterns are changeable hourly)..for sun..would be dec, jan, feb..and for snow..june til sept....for the experience?..all year round!!
Very well put Guest ... for the experience - all year round. Which part are you from?
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Some of the best people I have ever known were Kiwis.
All I met were those who did the overland trip to London after university graduation.

Every one of them was open, friendly, honest, humble and fun to be with.

Great people.
Great country.

And I love New Zealand's stand against the USA about nukes.

Pity it is so far away or I would have moved there years ago.
Thanks for that Trellis. That's a typical kiwi thing to do, the big OE to London. I never did that, I came to South America instead. I did go to London though I didn't like it that much. Too serious for me! I prefer the other little towns of England. Anyone heard of Ringwood?
sorry have never heard of ringwood...have heard about ringworm..does that count??..i am currently living in the city of smells in nz..rotorua..and yes the big OE it is a typical nz thing to do..but like woodward i gave london a miss and i went for culture shock to sicily instead...lol
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I love the tourists expressions when they enter Rotorua for the first time. They all look at each other and think 'you dirt pig, you farted didn't you?'
By the way, Rotorua has a lot of thermal activity and there is a lot of sulphur in the air (depending on which way the wind is blowing).
The last city I lived in was Tauranga which is just over the Kaimais Hills from Rotorua.
Ringwood is pretty much a one street village in the South of England. I remember it because they have a beer at the local pub called 'thumper' which deserves every bit of its name the next morning!
The World Premiere of 'Lord of the Rings - Return of the King' (the last installment of the LOTR trilogy) was shown in Wellington, New Zealand on Monday night (the rest of the world has to wait until the 17th or so of December. I discovered that Peter Jackson (a NZer) directed the movie at up to 5 different locations at once. HOW? The local telephone company created satelite links from the different places to place it on screens in front of him wherever he was at the time. Now that's pretty hard to do and to keep the quality up at the same time.
Do you know which film might be competition for LOTR this season. The movie 'The Last Samurai' with Tom Cruise, which ALSO happened to be filmed in New Zealand. Not bad for a country that barely has 4 million people (and 60 million sheep).
soo woodward we and u ppl had a cricket match yesterday and we won the test match now lets see who wins the one day matches!!
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We had a good start but lost it in the end. The one day matches will be more interesting.
Did you know that Chris here at the forum is an international cricketer?
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