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Are you really Chris? That sounds super good! I'd love to see a picture of you in action! I am sure Hitchie wouldn't mind post('Poit for you Lol.
i heard about the avalanche, and the four missing people...sometimes snow is horrifying!
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I just read about it too. Two Nzers and two Australians died after being swept 500m by an avalanche. They were experienced climbers too.
was is at the Alps?
It was on Mt Tasman, in the Mt Cook National Park.
They were very experienced climbers from what I understand.
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Hi Woodward,

Could you tell me a little bit information of education about your country? I heard that It's quite close Australia, isn't it? Some of my friends who are studying in New Zealand said that It's a good country but pretty boring for student life.

Want to hear from you.

Yes, New Zealand is close to Australia. I think the student life is boring depending on the place (city) where you learn. Obviously in a small town you won't much of anything happening. University cities like Hamilton are a lot of fun though it's one of the few cities that is not on the coast near a beach. What were you friends studying? Where?
Hi Woodward,

my friend is studying in Auckland city. It is a big city , isn't it?

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It's the biggest city in NZ with one million people. Wellington, which is the capital, only has around 400,000. You don't know the name of the school where she is studying do you?
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