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hi everyone..happy new year...we have a lot of students here in rotorua..a lot attending language academies..the night life is not what you would call awesome..but we have tons of 'adventure pursuits' such as white water rafting, luging, zorbing ,4WD and of course bungy jumping from whatever height you need..when speaking with students from overseas they all seem to say the same thing..that they love our 'emptiness' and that it is so clean and everything you could want is within a two hour drive..by the way woodward i just spent the day at pukehina beach..boogie boarding..lol..you know it?
Drool ... Drool .... A Kiwi Beach ... (deep sigh!)
The last time I lived in NZ, it was in Tauranga and Pukehina beach is not too far from there on the way to Whakatane. I have passed it a number of times on the way to Gisborne but I have never stopped there (that I can remember). Here in Santiago is really hot and I have been able to get to the beach this summer. That's something that I miss about NZ, the beaches are always right there on your door step (I love the Mount in Summer).
I agree that most foreign students in NZ are not accustomed to all the SPACE there is and the laidback way of life.
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A good site for information about study in New Zealand go to

I had a look at the website, and I was really interested Emotion: smile

Perhaps New Zealand is one possibility. After my a-levels I'll do a year abroad. But I'm not quite sure where to go, London might be very interesting. The city is great, and people there are so lovely. But except for the sights England is as boring as Germany Emotion: big smile. So a country with beach would be great. What accent do people in new zealand speak? Can it be compared with ae or be ?
Australia or America would be other possibilities...
The New Zealand accent is similar to the Australian, maybe a little more like the British.
The best time of year to visit New Zealand is between January and April.
Enjoy your travels Emotion: smile
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