I saw Mount Everest mentioned in another post.
New Zealand is a land of 'firsts'.
The first person to climb to the top of Mt Everst was from New Zealand, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing a local shirpa.
It was the first country to give women the right to vote.
It has the first city to see the sun in the world.
I'll look for more...
What other things do you know about New Zealand?
(I sigh deeply as I remember my home country)
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It is my antipodes . We see the sun 12 hours later than New Zelanders.
Kiri te Kanawa, she is from New Zealand.
Kiri te Kanawa is a great opera singer. Have you heard of Crowded house? The name you might not recognise but the music I bet you have.
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Crowded house...I haven't but I will.
Hey woodward you are from new zealand!!!!!!
I know a bit about your country because i read stoires and there they once mentioned New zealand.New zealanders i have heard are very caring people they never pick up fights unless the other person wants it besides that i have heard that it's an agricultural country.New zealand's main products includes cheese,butter n stuff (which i don't know).People overtheir mainly have cattle business.If i'm wrong in some information do correct me.It will help me develop more information.
Hi Mystical Angel,
Your information is fairly accurate. You are right that it is a very agricultural country with the main business being cattle and sheep and their derivitives such as dairy products. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, meat as well as fruit are our big industries with tourism being another sector growing an incredible amount. There are a lot of unspoilt beautiful scenic areas throughout New Zealand. Since there are so few people in NZ, there is a lot of space, a lot of natural parks and forests and most of the country is unpolluted.
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Hmmm!! well i would really like to go to New zealand.It's a nice place.
me too. What's the best time of the year to go there, Woody?
i think the best time to go there is in oct, nov and dec.I'm I right!! Woodward
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