Since I have introduced myself here I'll post some pics so you can see the flesh which has just joined the boards hehe.
here we go:

ok I think that's all.. i don't want you all to get scared and run awayEmotion: wink

see ya!


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I'm not scared and I have a sneaky suspicion none of the other lads here will be. Emotion: stick out tongue great pics, welcome to the forums..
Hola! No, I haven't run away yet and I don't think anyone will be running away!

Nice pics, where are you from? Obviously somewhere with a bit of sun looking at the second pic!
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hey buddies,
thanks for welcoming me heheEmotion: smile Chris - I'm from Poland.. I wouldn't say we have much sun here but the second pic was taken during summer in the mountains. Anyway, I like it pretty much hehe =)

Poland - not exactly Barbados when it comes to sun! But a wonderful country. I've made many Polish friends over the last few years. Some coming to Malta to learn English and some that have moved here permanently.

I hope you get a lot out of the forums and if there is anything you wanna chat about we're all here to help!
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please dont eat me!!!

just joking..nice pics huh
hey monika!! nice pictures pretty woman!
Hi Nubile.
Great pics. Do you like pizza? How about beer? How about a husband?
Welcome to the forums Emotion: smile
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