Some newer versions of sh, ksh, and bash include a version of echo as a built-in command that does not understand the \c escape sequence. On these shells, you might see output like the following:
$ echo "Please enter your name \c"

echo Please enter your name \c

Because these versions of echo print a newline after printing the \c escape sequence literally, they defeat the purpose of using this escape sequence. If you are using such a version of echo, you can switch to using either /bin/echo or /usr/bin/echo, which handle the \c escape sequence correctly.


My name is Rex. It has changed to Rotter with the new log in procedure. I couldn't help it. I would like to keep my old name.

The question is on the words 'newer versions'. I would write 'new versions-.
Would you agree with the words 'newer versions' ?

A company would say that they launch new products and they would market the new products. They wouldn't say newer products, would they?

Your comments are welcome.
There is a difference in meaning here.

Some new versions - only the very latest ones - perhaps only the versions released this year

Some newer versions - this is 'looser' and would cover more versions going back over a longer time period - perhaps all versions released in the last 3 years. Don't forget that people often don't update their software as soon as a new version is released, so this is saying that this change was made a versions ago. some people will be using the 'newer' (but not necessarily new) versions that have this feature. Some people will still be using older versions that don't have this feature.
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Usually the words ending -er borders some kind of a comparison.

1.Young people are good/bad at ......

2.Younger people are good/bat at ......

It is my understanding the second sentence implies some kind of a comparison. There may some people old people. In this case we try to draw a parallel between the 2 groups.

I maybe wrong.
Yes and in this case there is a difference between the older and newer versions of the software. If I were to say 'The caramels are only included in the bigger boxes of chocolates' would you understand that? It's the same thing.