-Did you read the last news?
-Did you see the last news?

Any difference?
I don't know what the context for those questions is, but I'd say the "latest" (= the most recent) news, not the "last" news.

And you could have also asked "Have you heard the latest news?" (on the radio, for example)

Miriam you really are a great asset to this forum. Many thanks for your sterling work.
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I think first one is correct if someone is asking that did you read the last news[on news paper]? and second one might be correct in this way Did you see the last news [on tv]?
I might be wrong.Hope someone else clarify this...
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Please, don't thank me, David. I've been very lucky to find these forums; I enjoy posting here and I learn something from most of the posts I read -even from questions and mistakes.
I only regret my lack of diplomacy -sometimes.

Thank you very much for your words! Emotion: smile)